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About Loya Tax Services

Loya Tax Services Burbank Office

Loya Tax Services has served companies and individuals in the San Fernando Valley, Los Angeles Area for over 40 years at the same location. Established in the 1970s, our family owned business continues to serve our new and loyal clients with all their income tax and financial needs.

Our focus and commitment is to serve our clients with all their income tax, business management, real estate and investment-related needs so that they can achieve their financial goals and pursue success in their careers. Our personal approach to every client ensures quality and value behind our services and representation.

We seek long-term, value-driven relationships with clients who are serious about building their personal assets and growing a successful business. We are dedicated to educating our clients; providing high quality services, giving you the tools and information you need to make sound decisions regarding your current and future financial health.

What we know, how we process work, and our network of relationships all combine to deliver a caliber of tax advice, services, and practical solutions.